Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vendor Profile: Serendipity.

My barn sale is just around the corner and I love giving exposure to the gals who help me make it such a fun day. I've got eight girls this time setting up with me. The first profile is my very good friend, Kim from Serendipity. Kim and I go way back to youngsters, but got to know each other better during high school and after. We were brought together through family (my sister and her uncle were married) and we worked together at The Last Straw at North Towne in Rockford. Kim went off to NIU and studied Interior Design and Fine Arts...and came out one of the most talented gals I know. You might have met her at the spring sale--not as a vendor--but as a helper. She had so much fun she went home, created an entire product line, and will be back as a vendor. Check out her blog:

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