Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas is Burlap and Pine Cones!

Well, I can finally say that I feel like I've caught up since the barn sale in October! I feel more rested than I have in weeks. My plan was to take my time and get my decorations up over the weekend, but I had sort of forgotten that my sister and her family of five would be staying here over Thanksgiving. And, they showed up a day early! I'm not complaining because I love having company...especially my sister! So, after spending the Wednesday at Second Hand Rose in Poplar Grove, and a burger at The Whiffle Tree in Roscoe; Thanksgiving at my mom's all day; Friday at my niece's for our annual "craft day" (we made glass ball ornaments with shredded sheet music and snow in them, and styrofoam ornament balls with beads and sequins); and Saturday some house cleaning, putting up my son's tree in his bedroom and then off to my step-son's for another Thanksgiving dinner...that left Sunday to get my decorations up...because next weekend I'm out of town! Yikes!

The part I hate most is carrying all the boxes up from the basement, and the empties back to the basement! Short of hiring someone, I have to do it myself! I even decided to put up my Snow Village this year. There have been years that I'm just too worn out to get it set up...and find room for it. But this year I decided to locate it along the ledge that divides my kitchen and family room... a perfect fit!

We also got a smaller tree last year. My house is so full of furniture (imagine that) I can never fit the tree in comfortably. So, we opted for a 6' flocked tree. It's very festive--and full of Northwoods, cabin, cottage and outdoor decor...things like real Coleman lanterns, pine cones, antler decorations, an Elmer Fudd hat, mittens and lots of red birds. My son loves it...and that's what it's all about!

So, I hope you have just as much fun decorating for the's a few of my photos...
 The Snow Village
 My tree, in a galvanized tub
 Vintage Coleman lanterns on the tree

 Front door

 Garage entrance

 Dining room

 Panoramic of family room

 The Snow Village along my kitchen ledge...which drops off to the stairwell directly behind it!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Win a Pottery Barn gift card...from B&B's Nest...

My friend Laura over at B and B's Nest blog is giving away a $50 Pottery Barn gift sure to stop by her blog: and her facebook page: She got great tips, tutorials and a fun read. Happy Turkey Day!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Girlfriend Weekend...

Hey there--I don't write much in my blog, but thought I'd share this with you. This past weekend I spent at my old friend Kim's grand house. Kim, who runs Serendipity, is also a vendor at my barn sale--maybe you got a chance to meet her. The whole weekend was suppose to center around getting out Christmas decorations and helping her put some up. You don't want to know how many she has...unbelievable. But, then, as usually--we got sidetracked. Spent the entire day on Saturday cleaning her studio (because you couldn't walk into it). So, here's the link to her blog, Serendipity, where you can read about it and see the great photos of our accomplishments. Needless to say, I needed a nap when I got home!