Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fill 'er up...

Well, I finally got around to getting shelves put in my china cabinet (the one I painted for the barn sale, but then loved it so much I decided to keep). Last week when hubby and I were at the salvage shop we found some old boards that were perfect for shelves...a bit of trimming and wa-la! Perfect fit. Well, maybe not perfect right away. It did take a few trips back out to the garage to trim some more...and then some more...but now they're perfect!

So, time to "fill 'er up". It took me a few days to decide on what exactly to put in the cabinet. My first thought was of course china. I've begun to collect brown transferware dishes this year...after I stumbled upon a box of them for $5 at a garage sale...then my sister gave me some...and so it begins--another collection! Then I thought, maybe I'll fill it with books. No, it's too deep and would be wasted space. I also contemplated filling it with linens. But I went back to my original thought of putting china in the china cabinet! I laugh, because that doesn't happen very much around here...using something for what it was intended (ahhh, the life of a salvage gal).

Because I was too lazy to paint the shelves I dug out my scrapbooking paper and used it to line the shelves...each shelf is different paper, but similar colors. Then, one of my fabulous buys last week at the junk shop came in entire tray of vintage lace--for $3! Yep! So I cut a few pieces and thumbtacked it to the front of the shelves. Here's a few of the items I placed inside...oh yeah, got this covered vegetable bowl and the platter at the junk shop too...$5 for both! Added a $1 wooden tray and my blue Ball jars.

These are the dishes I got at a garage sale...gorgeous scene of sailing ships. I love my two doggie statues. And don't forget the bird 'em.

Love my "stuff" let's see how long it lasts in here!

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Serendipity said...

It's BEAUTIFUL! Are we redoing your bedroom now? :)