Monday, January 2, 2012

Head 'em up, move 'em out!

It's so exciting to get out your decorations, trees and ornaments for Christmas...but possibly more exciting to take them down! Today I spent a few hours dismanteling my rooms from the scads of lovely greens, pine cones, sleds, skiis, winter prints and ornaments.

I clear off my kitchen table, and then carry everything to the table. For me this routine makes it easier to store groups of items together. I got it all put back into the tubs and boxes, drag them all to the basement and shove 'em back into the storage room. Wait...what's that? A wreath, two pillows, two Christmas books, and an ornament off the tree had escaped from their trip back into the storage tub. Am I blind? (Apparently so!). I hate when that happens!

My favorite part of taking down the decorations, is the chance to re-arrange my family room. I think people are born one of two either continuously move furniture around, or you don't! I'm definitely the first of the two! It's a trait my mother passed on to all us girls...much to the chagrin of our husbands! Sometimes I even move "rooms" around...making the dining room a reading room, the living room the dining room, and so on! Yes, it's a sickness! My dilemma in the family room at this time of year is trying to get as much seating near the fireplace as possible. There's no TV in this room (that was planned), just a warm, toasty wood burning stove and comfortable chairs and couch to read on! Here's what I came up with so far:

This is a full view of the family room, from the kitchen. All the furniture is in a new place! It took a few rounds of back and forth with each piece across the room, but I settled on this arrangement. For now!

It is still winter, afterall, so I left out a few pine cones, greens and a few other selected "winter" items.

This is the wicker cake stand I purchased at Second Hand Rose in Poplar Grove. I love it filled with pine cones, my winter tree, a nest with egg, and a small Currier & Ives framed print of a snowy cabin scene. In front of the cake stand is a very old pair of strap on ice skates.

One of these days I'll get over to Menard's to get a few shelves for my china cabinet. I have a bunch of brown transferware I want to store in there--or maybe my linens--I haven't decided yet!

I decided to leave most of what I had on my mantel alone. I removed any signs of Christmas, but left behind the winter wreath with berries, the owl in the center of it, and a the trees with burlap bag bottoms. There's also a winter silouette print of children skating, just below the wreath, a few nests with snow and berries and assortment of creatures like a bird, woodpecker, and squirrel. I also left the white lantern, winter paint-by-number scene and ice skates.

I put my husband's favorite leather recliner to the side of the fireplace. Perfect for those cold nights.

The one thing I forgot to do was re-dress my "lady" dress form. I like to keep her in the season. I have a vintage coat with fur collar I may throw on her.

Well, that will do it for now...until I get the bug to start moving furniture again! See you next time!

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