Friday, January 20, 2012

A New Year, A New Space

For years I always wanted a craft room, but felt I didn't have the space. Our 3rd bedroom was currently serving as the guest room, but we rarely have overnight guests. The queen bed took up the majority of the space in the room, leaving very little walking space for the guests to move, let alone do anything else. So, I downsized the queen bed to a vintage farm cot that I bought last year at a farm sale up north. It's just big enough for my granddaughter, and I devoted the rest of the space to crafts, sewing, barn sale prep, whatever. After much thought on what to use for a surface/desk space, I ended up using one of my barn sale tables (that many of you have tried to get me to sell to you). The table is a vintage banquet table out of church, oak slats painted green and is almost 10 feet long! So, I centered the table along the biggest wall, and then anchored each end with a file cabinet. Add in some cute vintage shelved and cubbies, and wa-la, craft room is born. I still can't decide what to do about curtains, so I still have the shutters up for privacy. The only "new" item in the room are two bungee cord office chairs that my son insisted on.

The shelf that the cactus planter is sitting has a cute story. Because my husband is Latino, I'm always drawn to items that have "sleeping mexicans" on them. This little two-tiered shelf has a crackled paint finish and there's an old decal of the sleeping mexicans on the top. I saw this shelf at The Pec Thing two years ago...but then passed it over convincing myself that I didn't need it. Just after that my friend Judy, proprietor of The Empty Attic, came by with a belated birthday present. Guess what was in the bag? Yep--the shelf! It's fun when your friends know you so well! The little wooded divider piece under it, is actually an orphaned organizer from the inside of a drop leaf desk.

This vintage grocery cart on wheels is perfect for wrapping paper rolls. The two-tiered metal "In/Out" basket is also vintage. The three-tiered basket is made for fruit, but who says you can't put craft paint in it?
 This is a fairly small bedroom. The vintage cot is directly opposite of this table along a wall. The cot was used on a farm for extra sleeping space for farm hands when needed. My collection of vintage religious prints are hung above. I actually have another whole pile of pictures to hang, but no more wall space! It started with two Sacred Heart prints and grew from there in less than two years.

You shouldn't worry about "not having the space" to devote to a creative office or crafting room. There are many spots in your house you can carve out a space for your very own...a portion of your guest room, under-used closet, under the stairs, of course the basement but that might be a last resort. Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing...and the courage to tell your husband what he'll be working on this weekend!

Small space? Hide your supplies in a vintage buffet, hutch, or dresser.

Dream room! Cute trellis hanging from ceiling!

 If you're lucky enough to have an entire room, I love the idea of a double-sided table. (

 Great ideas for storage...fits in the closet...pants hanger, jewelry zipper bag (lots of these at TJMaxx). (
 Don't forget what adding color can do for a room...this is energizing. (
 Love. Love. Love this wall with light sconces. (
 Fabulous cupboard to hide supplies and display some too. craigslist is full of china cabinets, buffets and hutches for great prices. (

Picture this in a hallway, under the stairs, corner of guest room...

Love these two vintage hutches filled with linens, fabric and supplies.

What are you waiting for?

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