Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sew, a needle pulling thread...

Now that I've given you this line in a Sound of Music song, I'm sure you won't be able to get it out of your head for days like me. Any-who...this post is not really about sewing, but sewing stools. I came across two darling sewing stools, with "under-the-lid" storage last year at a garage sale but didn't have enough time to paint them before the fall sale. Of course they've been in my barn since then, and I just found them tonight after work! Mind you, I didn't get home from work until 5:45pm...and didn't get out into the garage until after 6pm to start this project.
Before shot...after I've removed one of the lids.
I decided I wanted to paint them creamy white, but of course needed to decide what to re-cover the seat with. Then I remembered I had two of these:

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Don't you just love TJMaxx bags? Me too! A few weeks ago I picked up a couple of their $.99 gift bags at the cash register. I didn't need them for gifts, but the design was so fun I grabbed them knowing I could eventually use them to re-cover something. So next I grab my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old Ochre and went to work.

After one coat of paint, distressing, one coat of clear wax and only 90 minutes later, this is what I got...

And the fabric is vinyl--so easy to clean--great for sewing, toys, magazines or papers.

These little beauties will be for sale at my barn sale in June.

Sew, do you know all the words to the song by now (I know you've been humming it)? As a kid I'm sure I saw the movie at least a dozen times...and we had the album (yes, an know, the round vinyl record) that I played over and over on our stereo console. Sew, from memory, without looking it up, I believe the words are:

Do, a deer, a female deer
Ra, a drop of golden sun
Mi, a name I call myself
Fa, a long long way to run.
So, a needle pulling thread,
La, a note to follow So,
Ti, a drink with jam and bread
That will bring us back to Do!


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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ahhhh, the crispness of blue and white

During the hunt for great furniture to paint for my barn sale, I responded to an ad for a traditional dark wood cabinet that I thought would be perfect for my master bathroom re-do. After going to the women's house to see it, she tells me she has a storage unit full of vintage furniture and would I be interested in looking at any of it? Hmmmm, let me think...well mayyyyyybeeeeee you could twist my arm. So on a cold rainy day last March, my husband and I go--we see--we conquer--and we drag home an entire truck load of furniture, including these two beauties.

Now, I'm not very good at remembering to take a "before" picture. I normally think of that step after I'm about half way done. These pieces were some of the very first I've painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Yes, I know. How could someone who paints over a hundred pieces of furniture a year not use it up 'till now. I don't know...maybe I didn't want to fall into all the hype. And to tell you the truth, there was nothing wrong with my trusty satin latex that I've been using for years.

Well, after my friend Nancy started carrying ASCP in her new store, Twigs and Twine last month, I decided to buy a can, or two. I was very lucky that day. The stockist was in the store setting up the display and I got to chat with her about all the tips and tricks!

Both of these pieces were painted with identical paint...Duck Egg Blue and Old Ochre, with a touch of silver highlights in the recessed trim areas (using a paint pen). The buffet has a coat of clear wax first, then dark wax applied strategically to the curvey trim areas. The secretary was only coated with clear wax.

One or both of these pieces can be yours...they'll be for sale at my June 15 & 16th barn sale. See the above tab "Next Barn Sale" for details, photos and vendor links.

The verdict on ASCP? It's very fun to paint with...and the best part...the quick dry time! Saves me a bundle of time considering I paint 40-50 pieces for each sale!

The silver highlights were accomplished using a paint pen. I couldn't fit the pen tip in the small spaces, so I dabbed the paint pen on cardboard, and used a tiny brush to get in the tight areas.

I a huge fan of light distressing.  I figure everyone has kids who might scratch or dent a why not start out that way!

This piece needed some attention. I had to re-build the bottom drawer and the two doors. The doors were completely removed and in pieces. Apparently when the previous owner was bringing it home, the doors flew open from the wind and were taken off! Thank goodness all the pieces were saved! The criss-cross sections behind the glass were missing however.

Duck Egg blue on inside, drawer fronts and drop leaf.

The trick to painting inside a desk? Spray paint! I used Heirloom White inside the desk...but you can't wax spray paint. The wax won't set up right and is sticky.

Thursday, May 10, 2012