Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Family Gallery Project complete...check!

Let's see, I think I've had this wall shelf in my garage for at least six months. I got it at this fab junk shop in town, but because I got it right before my last barn sale, it sat getting dusty since she came home. Yes, it's a "she" because of her cute scallop edge.

Then I got to work on deciding which photos to use on the gallery wall. I knew I wanted all the frames to be similar in color, but the photos themselved needed to be vintage shots of my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. I started collecting small rectangles and oval frames, nothing larger than 5 x 7, and only two are 8 x 10 because most would be shelf sitting, not hanging. Then I sprayed them all black and instead of cutting mats for them, I just used a variety of scrapbook paper in the frame and placed the photos on top of the paper...instant mat board! This all took place in the spring, and they've all been gathering dust in the dining room ever since...until tonight!

Finally, after dinner I dusted off the shelf and brought it in the kitchen to clean her off. At first I was going to leave her in a wood stain finish, but in the end decided to paint her with Annie Sloan Duck Egg paint and clear wax top coat...a good choice I think.

Yoo-hoo, honey? Can you help me hang a shelf?

He did...and here she is...

Isn't she sweet?

My dad used to own a GULF service station at the corner of Auburn & Central in Rockford, IL during the 1960's and 70s. So when I found this vintage Auburn Street sign, I snapped it up.

I have a small collection of vintage cameras. Photo to left of camera is Grandma Doris (my vintage camper is named after her) and to the right is Grandma Nellie (my barn sale is named after her).

My dad in his service station uniform!

This is my silk wedding bouquet!

You can see the "fake" mat board made from scrapbook paper!


Serendipity Refined said...

And you did this at 10 p.m. LAST NIGHT!? I thought that I had misread your comment when you said that you were going to hang a shelf! It's FAB and YES, the duck egg was the perfect choice! I can't wait to see it in person in a couple of weeks at the sale! xo

Anne said...

Looks great! LOVE your shelf and your vignette!

KhearP said...

That is so wonderful. I also like your shelf and vignette. Big thanks for sharing.

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