Friday, October 12, 2012

Get Ready, Get Set, Gooooooooo!

Yep, it's that time...Nellie's Barn Sale & Vintage Extravaganza is today! The lines form early, but we open at 10am both days... and run until 4pm.

My vendors are charming, sweet, and friendly...and so un-diva-like...down to earth and helpful. This girl feels very luck to have such great friends. My good friends Kim (Serendipity Refined), Polly (Counting Your Blessings) and Jude (The Empty Attic) have all given up their own time to help me make this a great sale. From rearranging the barn and hanging burlap, to making hydraenga arrangements to pricing furniture, and from putting out signs to baking cookies (for you). But the best has to be the hand chalked welcome sign. Yes, my "new" old welcome sign is a re-purposed footboard from a bed, and hand chalked by Kim.

So, you can oogle over it when you get here...don't be late...we're all waiting for you.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The barn sale is just around the corner...

Note: This post is an archive post. This is not the current 2014 barn sale.

Nellie's fall sale is this Friday and Saturday, October 12 & 13 from 10 to 4pm both days. I've got eleven vendors participating in this year's sale! Many of the same and a few new ones thrown in. Today was spent with my friend Kim from Serendipity Refined and Polly from Counting Your Blessings and The Vintage Market to decorate the barn with our "plaid" theme. Kim and Polly are experts at transforming spaces. They turned my plain barn into a fabulous retail space! Wait until you see's a sneak peek....

Pretty floral china, Christian icons, and shabby wear.
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Tons of silver and shabby farmhouse chic items.
Lots of ironstone platters, creamers, china dishes and plates.
Everything is for sale...except Mr. Skeleton.

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Tons of wood crates, boxes, metal tubs, buckets and such.

Call all your friends and come to the'll be glad you did.